Genii, as major promoter of Renewable Energy in Urban, Rural & Remote area applications of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) & Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) under Ministry Power, Govt of India, and associated with various state and central government project across the country including maitray and paramilitary forces.

Genii has commissioned MWs of ON Grid, OFF Grid, Micro & Mini-Grid Solar PV Power Plants in various states and of various capacities across the country. GES is proud to be associated in lighting thousands of remote houses in many villages under DDUGJY scheme of GoI. Majority of work includes construction of control room, setting up of Solar Power Plant, Laying LT Line, Power distribution, electrical wiring in each house. Remote Village Electrification is done under Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) by REC, GoI in association with OREDA, Odisha.

KNOW ABOUT   On Grid/ off-grid solar system?

Solar Power Plant is a large collection of solar panels arranged in a system of arrangement for generating solar power and it is becoming more and more often these days. Power companies get large government subsidies for this type of arrangement.
A common homeowner is eligible for a subsidy of 20 to 50 for solar installation and commercial can also avail 10% of subsidy in some of the states.
A subsidy is never permanent by the government, it can change at any time. The government keeps changing it. You need to confirm from the solar installer before installation.
Some of the independent thinking and cost-minded communities and individuals across India have already set up solar power stations. Once you make the initial investment in hardware, you will harvest free electricity for 30 years and more.

.On-grid/Off-Grid Solar Power Plant Projects

GENII has commissioned MWs On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar PV Power Plants with latest technology and installed highly advanced electronics. Capacities ranging from 10-500Kwp. We have assets in high altitude like Shimla, Kulu and Himalayan Regions. Our Solar PV Power Plants are serving the Mankind at most remote location of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram & Arunachal Pradesh. We are proud to be associated with military and paramilitary forces, where there is no conventional power available. We have prestigious clients like Hyderabad Central University, National Police Academy and many Central and State Government establishments. We have trained many youths in the field of solar to empower them to earn their livelihood

Benefits of grid-tied systems
  • A grid-tied system will allow you to save more money with more solar panels through better efficiency rates.Net metering facilities will also allow you to lower the equipment and installation costs:
  • The grid-tied system will allow you to sell out the extra electricity which is not in use. The solar power system will produce electricity continuously. In that case, if you are not using that solar source you can sell out that extra energy.
  • Some of the arrangements come up with batteries and other equipment is usually required to fully functional solar power plant and it could be expensive and also required regular maintenance. Therefore, grid-tied solar power plants are usually cheap and simple to install.
A grid-tied solar power plant is usually economical and better than other solar systems, only you need to call and we will tell you everything for this system.

Off-grid means without a grid which is also called a stand-alone power system. This means that if the grid is not available then the solar will still produce electricity and you will get 220-volt power for your homes and businesses.

The solar panel will output the DC current and DC current will go to charge controller/ inverter and from the controller itself one wire (positive and negative) will go to the battery for the charging and at the same time, the inverter will produce 220-volt output at a real-time.

Why should you install Off-grid Solar power Plant
  • If you are living in a village or remote areas where electricity supply is not available and you don’t have any source of electricity then an Off-grid solar power plant solution is the only option to avail electricity without any interruption.
  • Off-grid systems have many different features. Off-Grid solar power plant solution is the best option for those whose grid is not available. Instead, it relies on batteries to store electricity generated by solar panels and serves as a backup at night. Because it is completely separate from the electric grid, it has nothing to do with the grid and it gives you continuous power generation.
  • Additionally, off-grid systems cannot take advantage of net-metering facilities, as electricity is never returned to the utility grid.